Sunday, February 16, 2014

How to Change a Garbage Disposal... and Tofu Skillet Scramble

Today, we're going to become familiar with a project that every homeowner should know how to tackle...  changing out a garbage disposal.  Whether you're just a novice with tools or an experienced handyman, installing a garbage disposal is a task that can be simple, yet extremely rewarding.

In my case, I realized something was wrong earlier in the week when I went to empty the garbage from under the sink one evening and discovered a not-so-attractive puddle of dirty drain water riddled with oatmeal and flax seed taint.

     "Hmmmmmm," I said to myself.  "That's not right."

As one who's never afraid to self-diagnose a plumbing issue, I left the cabinet open, turned on the water, and immediately observed several tell-tale drips trickling out from the bottom of the disposal.

     "Hmmmmm," I said to myself.  "Things just keep getting worse."

Finally, I turned on the garbage disposal while the water was still running and noted that the trickling from the bottom of the disposal turned into a rapid waterfall.  After a few seconds, I heard the GFI circuit next to the sink trip, and the disposal stopped.

     "Time for a trip to Home Depot," I murmured, as I placed a Pyrex container under the sink to catch any leakage for the time being.

After cleaning up the puddles under the sink, I headed out to pick up a new unit.  While browsing the selection at Home Depot, I was relieved to learn that most garbage disposal models don't change too much from year to year.  Within minutes, I was able to find the newest version of my current model, and I made my purchase.

We decided to make due with the leaky drainage arrangement until I had a full day at home to attack the project, just in case I hit any snags.  After finishing up with our Saturday morning oatmeal and coffee, we decided that today was the big day.  With wrench and screw-drivers close by in my pajama bottom pockets, I turned off the circuit to the sink, donned my runner's headlamp, and plowed head-first into the project.

The entire process was extremely simple, taking me less than three minutes from start to finish.  For your convenience, I've outlined the steps below:

How To Change A Garbage Disposal

Step 1 - Locate the old garbage disposal.
If you live in a traditional home, you'll most likely find
the garbage disposal in the kitchen.

There it is...  under the sink.

If you live in a Ryan Home, you'll most likely find the
garbage disposal installed in the bathtub.

Step 2 - Remove the old garbage disposal.

Note that the old garbage disposal has been removed.

Step 3 - Install the new garbage disposal.

Install the new garbage disposal as shown, above.

That's all there is to it.
To celebrate the completion of this monumental household project, we enjoyed one of our favorite quick and easy plant-based meals...  a savory Tofu Scramble.

Tofu Skillet Scramble

Next time, I should have chosen a not tofu scramble-colored plate.

While there are many different versions of this staple vegan dish, our favorite is Robin Robertson's take, which is available in her book Quick-Fix Vegan:  Healthy Homestyle Meals in 30 Minutes or Less, and also online HERE at Google's books website.

This hearty treat combines firm tofu, baked potato, scallions, red bell peppers, and sun-dried tomatoes along with nutritional yeast and a handful of spices.  The ground fennel seed, in particular, lends a sausage-esque flavor to the dish...  without the sausage, of course.

We enjoyed our scramble with a huge helping of balsamic-roasted broccoli.

As for you protein/calcium worry-warts, let's fire up the Cronometer, shall we?

Carbohydrates and Lipids


Vitamins and Minerals

Again, my plant-based meal of tofu skillet scramble and oven-roasted balsamic broccoli has provided over 50% of my daily protein needs, and over 20% of my daily calcium needs.

As we can see, there's no need to eat meat or drink milk to get enough protein and calcium in our diets.

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