Saturday, May 17, 2014

Flooding In Fishers, New York

Yesterday during my lunch break, I was driving past Fishers Park in Fishers, New York, when I noticed that something seemed slightly off.  I had driven by that park hundreds of times before, but this time I got the feeling that the conditions, and perhaps the overall situation, were slightly awry.
"Hmmm...  something strange is going on here," I said to myself.
At first, I couldn't exactly put my finger on it...
"Oh wait, now I see," I exclaimed, as I had my a-ha moment.  "That picnic table is under water.  And that porta-potty is about to float away."
Western New York has had quite a bit of rain during the past few days, and Fishers was hit pretty hard.  The roads were passable for the most part, but everything else was pretty much under water.  Instead of heading directly back to the office, I decided to do what anybody with an iPhone would do on a slow afternoon.  I took a whole bunch of pictures.

And here they are, for your viewing pleasure.  Click on each photo to open up the full size version...

Something didn't look quite right from my car.

Gee, I wonder why the town has the parking lot blocked off.

Hmmm...  Looks like water is preventing the fire department from getting water.
That's ironic.

Perhaps the town needs to call the plumber to fix that port-potty.

The homeowners here may need to wait until tomorrow to mow the back yard.

Great news!  The fire hydrant off in the distance is still accessible.

You can't actually see the stream in this picture.  It's hiding under all that water.

This homeowner had the foresight to build the shed on top of a cliff.

Look closely at the farthest land mass.  There's a crane or heron standing there.

View from the new bridge on the Auburn Trail Extension, just south of Powdermill Park.

Is that a covered bridge, a gazebo, or a boat?  Yes...  Yes it is.

Cool...  The panorama setting on my iPhone actually works!

And finally, a view of the Auburn Trail Extension, which is on high enough ground that it escaped the flood waters.

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